Art by Christine Remmel

About Me

Well, I was born and raised here in Mesa, Arizona. I attended private elementary and high schools in the greater Phoenix area. I am currently at Arizona State University working towards a BFA in Art Education and a minor in Sustainability. My work has been shown in exhibitions in the Tempe area, and I also have public artwork in Mesa. In my senior year at ASU, I am preparing for a career in the creative field. My hopes include educating in the art community, traveling and exploring the world, working with nonprofit organizations, and advocating for the combination of art and eco-awareness.

This blog is one of the places I share my art and passions. Along the way, I’ll be posting little random tidbits from my life, sources of inspiration, traveling experiences, helpful tips and tricks for artists and/or crafters, and much more that I don’t even quite know about yet! I’m always open to suggestions for posts and questions about art or my artwork.

My website here is also the source of the Pink Whale Project, which I started recently and hope to grow over time. Check out the Pink Whale Project tab for info, happenings, and all sorts of fun resources.

Life is good 🙂


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Christine 🙂 Thanks for following my blog. I’m so happy to have found yours, and to learn about your study – art AND sustainability – truly awesome combo! I love seeing people following their heart and infusing their life with passion. Looking forward to learning more about you. Bless xx

    • Thanks Nicole! I am so glad to have found yours as well… you have some very insightful “How-To” posts! It’s always wonderful to get to share thoughts on nature and life with people who appreciate it. The pictures you post are beautiful as well, and I will surely be checking in often 🙂

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