Art by Christine Remmel

Artist Obsession: Grzegorz Wrobel

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Although I sometimes complain about allowing myself to get sucked into “surfing,” I consider it to be worth it when I stumble across a blog with pictures of paintings like this:

This is the work of artist Grzegorz Wrobel, a Polish artist who paints beautiful city scenes using watercolor. Having only been a fan of watercolor for less than a year, I have an immense amount of respect for any artist who can control it (and not let IT control THEM, as it so often does.) I really enjoy his use of softness, contour, light, detail, and atmosphere. The amount of detail he uses is just enough to create a sense of realism, but he also lets the watercolor do its own thing- the finished product is a gorgeous mix of photorealism and unexpected uncontrolled beauty.

More to come on the results of my roamings!

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